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Hotel Business - Published Semi Monthly, Industry operations, articles and products trade magazine. Digital subscription Service.
Buying a Motel by B. R. Weaver - Tips, Basics and Good Common Sense Practices.
American Hotel & Motel Association - Resources and publications available from American Hotel & Motel Association, (AHMA). Call AHMA 1-202-289--3100 The voice for the lodging industry.
Small Business Administration - Resources for financing. Publication #115-A for a list of Free Management Assistance Publications is available from any SBA office. If you do not know your local office location you can call SBA at 202-205-6096. Most publications are free; but a charge may be required for certain publications. Also ask for Publication #115-B which is a list of For Sale Management Assistance Publications.
IRS Business Tax Workshops - Regional IRS offices hold workshops covering reporting requirements for businesses. Classes have usually been free. Contact your State IRS Headquarters and ask for Business Workshops.
State Hospitality Associations within which we sell motels & hotels - Each state usually has a lodging or hospitality association. Contact them on information sources, dates of seminars and annual trade shows you can attend. They can be helpful answering basic questions.
Hospitality Minnesota - 4900 Hwy #169 North #105, New Hope, MN 55428- 800-568-5739

Iowa Lodging Assn - 9001 Hickman Road #220 - Des Moines IA 50322 - 515-276-8700

These are information sources we respect and think you will find them helpful if you are serious about buying a Motel/Hotel.
We suggest you call or check out their web site to confirm current costs of any publications before placing an order with them.
"A few dollars spent getting educated about motels is money well spent!"